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2016-12-09 08:47PM — health-dashboard

Looks like I have enough data now to plot eating times, sleep times, wake times and weight.

Going to make an R dashboard with multiple plots and a script to create data for each plot from my event log.

2016-12-08 06:07PM — bizdev, lifedev

Strangely, my new job doesn’t make me feel like I have to work all the time. I feel like I can have free time after work and on the weekends.

I’m going to hit contacts up and see if there is a common tool I could build and sell.

Looks like I’ll also have enough time to do some design and make art. Make soap. Do archery. Run. Spray graphitti. Mix tracks.

2016-12-08 05:58PM — health, W4-expert-system

My health toolkit could be a dashboard of metrics on sleep, eating habits, and weight.

It will be cool to just build this from a single event log text file and have R put all the charts in one view.


Had an idea to make my first tax assistant automatically fill out a W4 tax form. Looks like the W4 has a PDF form version so it could auto-fill it with values after the knowledge building step.

The first step will be to translate all the W4 instructions into Prolog.

2016-12-08 12:36AM — health

I created a repo for tooling on tracking my health stats. Currently it’s just an R script for generating a time vs weight graph.

Pretty much just need to consistently track health events in my gist for a while so I have data to monitor progress with.

2016-12-07 07:58PM — health

I’m 20 pounds overweight. I’m tracking my food and weight in a secret gist.

I’m looking at graphing weight over time and doing simple word mining on my eating habits using R. Maybe I’ll do auto-lookups on foods to get a calorie estimate.

2016-11-30 10:51PM — warehouse

Looking for warehouse space. For the future.

2016-11-30 08:35PM — tax-assistant

Thinking about creating a tax assistant. Something that automatically fills out business tax forms for me.

Related to this, I want to encode tax needs for my geographical area and business makeup (LLC, etc).

I want to ask a computer “What do I have to do to have an LLC in Lexington, KY?” and it to ask me questions and target some kind of final list of tax docs and info about how to file them.