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decorate is a minimal tmux dsl for storing tmux pane and window configurations as simple shell scripts.

An example decorate script looks like this:

    w srv _srv
    w code _code
    v _watch_css
    h _watch_js


Getting Started

First, source the included shell script.

. decorate-internal

Then, assuming your commands are saved in a directory called “features”, source your shellscript of commands:

. features/example

Pane Creation

The currently attached session is used for creating windows and panes. Splits act on the last created window. Commands are sent to the last created pane.

Managing Large Commands

Use sourced shell functions for longer commands and place them in files named after the feature. Place them in a functions directory and source them in your .bashrc. For example, this shellscript called dev-project provides pane commands for a web development project:

__docker_up() {
  docker inspect --format='' gt 2> /dev/null

_srv() {
  cd ~/_dev/project && . && dstart

_code() {
  cd ~/_dev/project

_watch_css() {
  if [ "$(__docker_up)" == "true" ]; then
    cd ~/_dev/project && docker exec project npm run watch

_watch_js() {
  if [ "$(__docker_up)" == "true" ]; then
    cd ~/_dev/project && docker exec project npm run watch-webpack