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note is a program for storing, retrieving, and searching for notes. note can accept input from stdin or an editor defined by $VISUAL.


curl --silent -G -o ~/bin/note
chmod +x ~/bin/note

If you do not already have a ~/bin directory and have it in your $PATH (check using echo $PATH) you can prefix the preceding commands with the following:

mkdir -p ~/bin
echo "PATH=\$PATH:~/bin" >> ~/.bashrc


note new -t tag -t tag2
note new -t tag1 -t tag2 -d ~/.bookmarks
note show [id]
note list -t tag
note edit [id]
note delete [id]

Input from STDIN

echo "this is a note" | note new -t simple -t hello_world


Create notes:

cat <<EOS | note new -t tag -t tag2 -t anothertag
This is my note.
This is another sentence.

VISUAL=vim note new -t tag -t tag2 -t anothertag

Editing notes:

note edit 1

Listing notes:

note list
note list -t nice
note list -d directory

Show a note:

note show 2


note delete 2


A cool trick is to use bash aliases to make commands for storing notes in different contexts. For example, to store recipes:

alias recipe="note -d ~/.recipes"
recipe new -t breakfast -t vegan

Other possibilities:

alias bookmark="note -d ~/.bookmarks"
alias password="note -d ~/.passwords"